Why Gamblers Must Engage In Live Betting More Often


For those of you who considered themselves as true sports experts and want to make money, live betting might be the perfect wagering option.

Over the years, live betting has become one of the most popular forms of gambling. It is much more fun and interactive with access to an abundance of online gaming platforms like BetJoe. This makes it possible for you to find high-value plays in nearly every game.

Even if you do not bet regularly, we recommend that you give live betting a try. In this article, we are going to list five reasons why you should engage in live sports betting.

1. Live betting is more fun

there are two types of sports bettors. First, the serious ones, who put in hours and hours of research into developing complex strategies that are backed by advanced statistical models and involves math that most normal people wouldn’t understand. These people are into sports betting to make serious money. Then, there are normal sports bettors.

These everyday sports bettors are not so much into making money than they are into enjoying their favourite sports and be part of some action. This is why sports petting for most is a means of fun than anything else.

If you are an everyday sports better, then live betting can take your entertainment factor to a new level because you can be part of the action all along while watching your game.

Simply put, live betting is making bets during the game. What happens on the field immediately affects the odds. During live sports betting, the odds are continuously changing and the only fact that a certain is that courts can change significantly only after one big play or momentum shift.

If you are very comfortable with your understanding of your game, then with live betting you can bring your knowledge into much higher focus. As you will be able to understand the flow of the game you can predict what’s ahead and make some serious money. We do not have to tell you how much money can you make with your knowledge and live betting.

2. You have access to better data

Ask any successful sports better and you will note that research and gathering data is a solid strategy to come to a profitable decision in sports betting. Live betting is no different with only one notable exception-the data that you use to make your wager comes from what you have just watched live.

It is easier to predict the outcome when you evaluate two teams on paper. However, when you see them actually competing against each other on-screen live, then things become a little clearer. This is why live sports betting is inherently much better.

Don’t be under the impression that just because you are seeing two teams competing against each other live, it will become easier to predict the outcome. If this were the case, no sportsbook will ever offer live sports betting. What we are implying is in live sports betting you have more and better information at your disposal.

With live betting what you have to keep in mind is not to fall for recency bias. You must recognise that momentum swings and the course of the game change all the time. Early outcomes should not dominate your decision of the end. One team scoring early might encourage you to back them but beware as sportsbooks are well aware of this bias and they offer inflated odds. Keep a balanced thought process and do not blindly get affected by what happens in the early going.

Even with live betting, you should not just rely on numbers and scoreboard but dive deeper to know about each team and their respective advantage or disadvantage. You will be truly able to have edge over other gamblers when betting live, if you are well informed already and just need the right data at the right time to find value.

3. Live betting offers significant value

Be it sports gambling or any other business, every industry is focused around creating or finding “value.”

In terms of sports betting, value is the idea of risking less money then you stand to gain. It might be confusing to understand without an example. Suppose, you get a betting money line at +185, then it will be considered a good value play as you stand to win $ 185 with a $ 100 bet.

If you are a regular sports better, then you must have fell victim to a low-value bet which is known as the money line favourite. It might seem like a sure thing to wager on a team at -380, but remember that you are risking $ 380 to win $100. The price is simply too high. Upsets in sports betting happen more frequently than most people realise and losing such expensive bets can take a while to recover from.

Live betting provides you with an excellent opportunity to find value if you are able to spot comebacks or blowouts before it becomes obvious and many people start betting on them.

Let’s see an example.

During a game, if a team is down 21-7 at halftime but the winning team has already scored two touchdowns and the losing team has two turnovers in the red zone, then the schools can be misleading. If you are watching this game live, then you might be able to make this observation just in time to get at highly favourable odds if you can rightly predict a comeback win.

However, the caveat here is that during live sports betting you should absolutely be focused on the game as it might take just a few seconds to miss an opportunity. It is just a matter of keen observation, between deciding a comeback win when the game appears to be a blowout on the outset. But as a keen observer, you know that the score is misleading and you can beat any sportsbook by picking the right value and make a lot of money.

If you are going to be part of live sports betting, you should do it the right way. Tune in and pay attention to the game and you will already be ahead of most of the public.

4. Opportunity to bet as you go

Let’s say you are interested in NFL betting and set aside $100. The most obvious option would be to wager on a team prior to the game and see how it plays out. But we would suggest you to live bet as it will allow you to get most of your money by wagering each quarter along the way.

That being said, there is nothing wrong in wagering on a team at the start of a game. However, if you spread out your money by quarter then you have a psychological advantage where you do not get the sinking feeling from knowing that you are going to lose in the starting hour of the game and spend rest of the game feeling disappointed.

In the beginning, it might be difficult to get used to the format, but betting on games a quarter at a time is an excellent way to maximise the excitement as well as find more opportunities to win. You do not have to take our word for it, just select a football game on the weekends and try to bet quarter by quarter.

5. You become a better gambler

Another aspect that makes live betting more engaging as well as enlightening is the fact that if you bet on the game before it starts, there is no impact on the outcome whether you watch it or not. However, during live sports betting you have to pay close attention to the game and rapidly calculate how the numbers affect the outcome. This way you have certain revelations that only can be felt with live betting and not any other form of sports betting.

For Example:

You will learn how sportsbooks use the flaw in sports bettors that they make emotional decisions. Most crippling is the recency bias, as people start to make bets based on the early outcomes of the game. However, with live sports betting it is not that easy to fade away the public.

Once you familiarise yourself with live sports betting, you attain a much better understanding of how games progress and this skill helps you make better decisions even with games that aren’t live bet. If you are serious about a career in sports gambling, live sports betting can teach you some serious lessons.


Live betting is better than other types of sports bets because this provides opportunities and excitement like no other. If you are able to do live betting the right way, you can not only make a lot of money but also end up acquiring skills that will be helpful on games even if you are not live betting.

A good point to start is to pick up a game on a weekend and place a live wager. Do not make a bet at the beginning of the game, rather bet quarter by quarter.

Keep a keen eye on the details, and try to find out how the game is progressing. Remember that you also need to do your homework and research both the teams beforehand. This will help you make the right decision and find good value by combining the live data with your research.

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