Online IPL Betting: Guide To Bet, Strategize and Win 

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In the cricket world, Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most popular Twenty20 (T20) cricket league that is held for a duration of seven weeks between March and May.

This year, however, due to pandemic scare IPL 2020 is being held during September and November and the location has been moved to the UAE.

As millions of cricket fans globally watch this league, online IPL betting is extremely popular among cricket bettors. Seven weeks of tournament gives you plenty of chances to win big. If you are new to IPL betting online, we are here with this detailed guide to help you.

Indian Premier League: Glamourous and Rich 

Established in 2008, the IPL became the biggest T20 Premier league in the world with players participating from cricket boards across the world. The tournament has eight teams, each representing eight cities in India that clash for the title and the staggering money price that can go up to Rs. 2 crores.

As compared to other cricket tournaments, IPL is relatively new. Although, within 13 years it has become a global phenomenon on in the cricket fraternity. If you are planning to participate in online IPL betting, it is important that you understand the format and the teams.

In 2020 IPL, the league stage will be played in a double round-robin format. Simply put, the participating eight teams will play each other twice. After this stage, the top four teams will qualify for the play-offs that will consist of two qualifiers, an elimination round and the final match. In the first qualifier, the two teams at the top of the table face each other with the winner gaining direct entry into the finals. The losing side, on the other hand, enters the elimination round competing with the team that wins the elimination round. The teams ranking third and fourth in the table fight during the elimination round.

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Online IPL Betting Tips: How to Bet Effectively

Indian Premier League is extremely dynamic with each day providing you a lot many opportunities to win, provided you know how to bet properly.

There are many ways to gain an edge when it comes to IPL but online. If you are able to determine a strategy early on, you can easily identify the value opportunities and improve your chances of winning. Here are some free IPL betting tips that will help you get better.

Set a Betting Budget Strictly 

We don’t have to tell you how devastating it can be to not have a betting budget set before you participate in online IPL betting. Your betting budget, also known as bankroll is the amount of money that you can risk to lose if you do not win bets. You will have to make deposits upfront for IPL betting, which is why you should know your limit. This will help you wager safely and responsibly.

Understand IPL Betting Odds

Deciding your betting budget is the first step, the next is to research the odds in play. You have to get familiar with odds, that are essentially the probability and profitability figures associated with IPL online betting.

We assume that you already are aware of betting odds, but if you are not, here is an example.

Suppose, you bet ₹ 1000 On Chennai Super Kings at the winning odds of 1.72, what it means is you will get ₹ 1720 if you win. This sum is ₹ 1000 that you wager plus ₹ 720 of the profit amount. You can calculate your winnings by the simple formula:

Winnings = (odds * stake) – stake

In case you lose your pet, you will lose your entire stake amount regardless of the selected odds.

Know the IPL Teams 

Becoming profitable with online IPL betting involves research, research and more research. You cannot rely on pure guesses to be profitable which is why you need strong statistics to support your wager.

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Your research focus should be around the teams and the players. Learning about their strengths and weaknesses along with how they have performed in the previous tournaments will give you a better view of their capability.

If you are new to IPL betting then you might be unsure where to start your research. We suggest that you start by reviewing each player’s T20 performance stats. There are many places where you can get data about bowling and batting averages of the players. The official IPL website is where you can find all the stats by season. This data will help you recognise trends among teams, giving you the value of the team and helping you put bets on the strongest teams.

Let’s take a look at the recent IPL winners for the past five years. Past performances provide you with significant metrics of the teams and help you how to place your bets. Here are the IPL winners for the last five years:

  1.     2019: Mumbai Indians
  2.     2018: Chennai Super Kings
  3.     2017: Mumbai Indians
  4.     2016: Sunrisers Hyderabad
  5.     2015: Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians, as evident has won the tournament three times in the last five years, Chennai Super Kings has won once but has finished second twice. Whereas, Sunrisers Hyderabad won the tournament in 2016 and secured the runner-up position in 2018.

There is a clear trend here, it provides insight that all these three teams have been strong performers. When you are able to recognise trends, you can easily identify strong performance and more accurately guess which teams are most likely to make the finals and even win.

You must keep the present performance during the league into account but also focus on the winners from the last years. After all, they are top performance for a reason!

Focus on Skilled Players

IPL tournament is known for its pool of skilled players. If you know which players stand out of the crowd, you can vastly improve your chances of being profitable with online IPL betting.

IPL-betting-online (2)Every season, during the IPL auctions we see players getting signed for enormous amounts based on their performance in the past season as well as during other cricket tournaments before the auction. You should watch IPL auctions to understand which players are skilled and more in demand. This is not to say, that these players will perform definitely, but their chances of being game-changers are much higher than other players.

There is no list of players that we can give you indicating that they are the best of the talent in the Indian Premier League, however important players like Joe Butler, Virat Kohli and Sherfane Rutherford always have something to offer.

Understanding players and their strengths and weaknesses are the best way to ensure that you are putting your money in the right place.

Make Best of Online IPL Betting

With BetJoe you can place a bet on IPL cricket matches any time you want. You don’t have to wait came to start to put your wager. We allow you live IPL betting that increases your chances of making a bigger profit. As during a match, the odds shift, you can be more profitable if you decide to cash out early figuring out the right moment to exit.

The appeal of winning big during the IPL but in online not only keeps you engaged as the match progresses but also provides an exhilarating experience that makes it more fun to bet. However, you have to developed a keen sense to make quick decisions comfortably being on the ball to be successful.

With BetJoe, you have an effortless experience to sign up availing as much as a 100% signup bonus. We also offer easy deposit and withdrawal options. You do not have to pay any fee for depositing using credit cards, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Skrill, e-Transfer and many more.

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Top Online IPL Betting Markets

Naturally, some bets are based on pure luck but for most of the other wagers, you can develop a strong strategy. There are several online IPL betting markets where you can be profitable if you put in enough research.

The main IPL betting market is the ultimate IPL winner, which is an IPL daily match betting where you wager on the team you think will win the match on a particular day. Another popular betting market is the Top Team Batsman, here you determine who is going to be the tournament’s top run-scorer, who also wins the Orange Cap. Then there is Purple Cap winner, who is also the top IPL Bowler for the season.

Apart from these markets, there are numerous other IPL but in markets such as live betting, player performance and winner of the coin toss. It all depends on your betting acumen and what interests you.

Are you ready for Online IPL Betting?

The Indian Premier League is one of the ultimate cricket tournaments that offer you endless opportunities to make a profit. If you understand the rules of this tournament, build up your knowledge about IPL with proper research and find out the right value opportunities, then you can easily gain an edge over other bettors increasing your chances of winning.

Whether you want to participate in pre-match online IPL betting or want to try in-play bets, we offer you our great range of cricket betting markets to explore and find the most profitable opportunities.

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