MLB: White Sox vs. LA Angels

White Sox vs Angels

James Shield v. Tyler Skaggs

Falling Angels looking to break on White Sox

We continue to enjoy the post-All Star break/trade deadline drama moments of the MLB, and this time it brings us to Angel Stadium where the faltering Angels take on a down beat White Sox.

There is a whole “I am number 4” (not reference to the movie) situation here, with both teams sitting at number four in their respective divisions, with the White Sox (35-64) being the worse between the two number fours. You wouldn’t have known that, however, if you only based yourself on the first match of this series, which saw the Chi Sox clip the Angels on Sunday, overcoming a 3-1 deficit to win 5-3 in nine innings.

Jose Abreu got things going early with a homer, while starting pitcher Giolitto went for six innings. The Sox played like a team with a 5-5 record in its last 10 as it let the next four innings play into Angels hands, before recovering to blitz the fifth and sixth, alongside the game.

The deal with Chicago in the last two months has been not losing when they win the first match of a series, so that could be a source of confidence for them and a bad sign for the Angels. The second match will play on Tuesday, with left-handed pitcher, Carlos Rodon (2-3, 3.56 ERA) taking to the mound, while game three will be headed by James Shield (4-11, 4.26 ERA).

The Angels had another Ohtani moment, as the addictive Japanese gave us another sweet homer down center. It was a sight to behold, and it gave the Angels a solid lead, but that’s all the joy that would happen for the Angels, as the White Sox will rally back for a final 5-3 win.

The Angels (50-51) would be top or thereabouts in another division, but not the AL West that is so stacked. They’ve gone a dwindling 4-6 in their last 10, looking less and less like the team that powered its way to public eye this season, with Ohtani and solid play.

Jamie Barria (5-7, 3.80 ERA) was the man for game 1, and couldn’t get any backing from his teammates, as the match slipped away from them. Felix Pena (1-0, 3.42 ERA) will be on the mound in game two, looking to lead the comeback, while Tyler Skaggs (7-6, 2.68 ERA) who has been amazing this season, will take to the hill in game three.

The Angels may just yet come out of this one stronger than the White Sox, but doesn’t mean the Sox will lay low and be incognito.