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What kind of bets do you take?

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BetJOE offers a wide selections of bet types with the best odds found anywhere online.

Some of the wager options we offer:

Straight Bets:

Single selection on a event.

Outright Bets:

Prediction bet on the outcome of a championship or tournament.

Parlay Bets:

Multiple selections combined to offer a greater payout. Can be from 2 to 8 selections. Payouts up to $250,000 USD (or equivalent).

Round Robins Bets:

Multiple parlay bets playing different combinations of selected events.

Teaser Bets:

Multiple selection bet with adjusted spreads on Football and Basketball in North America. Offered from 2 to 8 selections in 6-point, 6.5-point, 7.0-point, 10-point and 13-point versions. Maximum win $100,000 USD (or equivalent).

Pleaser Bets:

Multiple selection bet with increased spreads offering a higher payout on NFL Football. Offered from 2 to 6 selections in 6-point, 7-point and 10-point versions. Maximum win $100,000 USD (or equivalent).

Live In-Play Bets:

Bet made during the course of an on-going event.