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What is a Pleaser bet?

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Pleasers are the exact opposite of Teaser Bets but give you some of the highest football payouts possible at any online sportsbook.

Only available on North American spread and total bets for NFL Football & NCAA Football.

Pleasers can contain between 2 and 6 selections.

The maximum win per distinct pleaser is $100,000 (or equivalent).

Original Game Line:

New England Patriots -7

7-point Pleaser Bet Example:

New England Patriots -14

Pleasers come in 6-point, 7-point and 10-point format.

By default a “PUSH” on any selection within a pleaser is considered a “PUSH” and reverts the pleaser to the next lowest payout like a traditional parlay bet.

For detailed pleaser payouts and rules please refer to the following payout chart: