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In-Play (Live) Betting Rules

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  1. ONLINE – Live Betting wagers may be placed online only.
  2. GRADING – Any game or event must be played to its conclusion within 7 days in order to have action on live game props. Wagers on games that are suspended on the day of the game but played to conclusion within 7 days of the start time have action and will be graded based on the completed game score. We do not recognize protests or overturned decisions for live wagering purposes.
  3. AVAILABILITY – We reserve the right to offer/discontinue LIVE for any sport or prop at management’s discretion.
  4. BAD LINES – We reserve the right to void any wager placed on an obvious line mistake, or placed after the outcome of the proposition has been determined.
  5. PROPS – All propositions will have one winning outcome. In the event that more than one winning outcome applies, the first outcome to occur will be considered the winning outcome and all other options will be considered losing outcomes.
  6. TIME & SCORES – The game time and score information displayed in the live betting scoreboard serves solely as a guide. Though every attempt is made to ensure that the information displayed is current, it is not always possible. The company assumes no liability for the accuracy of this information.


  1. OFFICIAL TIME – 59 minutes of game time must be played and a winner determined.
  2. SCORING PROPS – Will be graded upon completion of stated prop and have action regardless if the game is suspended or cancelled.


  1. OFFICIAL TIME – NBA games must play 46 minutes and have a winner determined. All other leagues must play 38 minutes and have a winner determined.


  1. OFFICIAL TIME – Game must go 8.5 or more innings and be concluded with a winner determined.
  2. INNING PROPS – Will be graded upon completion of stated inning. If the game gets cancelled or postponed later these wagers stand regardless of how many innings completed.
  3. PLAYER PROPS – Use batting numbers to represent the numerical value for hitters during that inning regardless of who is scheduled to bat or actually does bat [Example: Official lineup card is submitted with the starting Pitcher batting 9th but in the 5th Inning he is due up 3rd. So for wagering purposes the Pitcher will be graded as the #3 Batter in the inning; if the team uses a Pinch Hitter for the Pitcher in the example above the result of the Pinch Hitter will be graded as the #3 Batter]. Errors and Fielder’s Choice are not considered hits for wagering purposes. will be used to settle all wagering claims for these player props.


  1. OFFICIAL TIME – 59 minutes of game time must be played and a winner determined. All overtimes and shootouts count.


  1. ODDS TO WIN – The tournament will be graded upon completion of tournament regardless of suspension. If the tournament is shortened by tournament officials, the leader at the end of the number of holes determined to be official shall be the winner.
  2. HOLE PROPS -Scoring props will be graded upon completion of stated hole(s). If the tournament gets cancelled or postponed these wagers stand regardless of how many holes completed. Said player must tee off and complete stated hole(s) for action. Any scorecard changes due to official rulings must be made on day in question.


  1. MATCH BETTING – Full match props require full match completion for action.
  2. GAME & SETS – Game and set betting require only the game or set in question to be completed for action.
  3. INJURY or DQ – Any player withdrawal due to injury, disqualification, or other reason will result in all full match props being canceled.


  1. OFFICIAL TIME – 90 minutes must be played for all full match props to have action.
  2. PROPS – All props are graded on the result of the scheduled 90 minutes of play unless otherwise stated. This includes any added injury or stoppage time but does not include extra time, time allocated for penalty shootout, or ‘golden goal’.