Most Common Soccer Betting Mistakes: An Easy Way To Avoid Them


Sports betting is a career and hobby which is not without mistakes. Every once in a while, we all make mistakes, but some commit these mistakes over and over again. In soccer betting, every time you make a mistake you lose money. Things get even worse for some people when they react to losing money by betting even more money ending up with a destroyed bankroll.

Fortunately, it is easier to not get bankrupt by committing simple betting mistakes that can be avoided. While these mistakes vary in complexity and severity, but if you are aware of these common soccer betting mistakes then you can easily avoid them keeping on track with your goals and soccer betting strategy.

With this in mind, let’s check out some of the most common betting mistakes along with quick tips to avoid them.

Soccer Betting Mistakes Commonly Faced

Soccer betting is not only exciting but can also be a potentially profitable hobby if you know how you can avoid the most common pitfalls and be on a straight path. Before we get started, we would like to make you aware of the fact that bookmakers are not your friends. They are in business to take your money and be profitable. To fulfil this goal, they will do everything possible to make it difficult for you to win.

If you are betting as a hobby, then you should focus on having fun while also trying to win money without concerning too much about the theatrics sportsbooks employ to take your money. However, if you are in soccer betting industry to be profitable in the long run, then you have to understand that this industry is not one big playground but an extensively competitive ecosystem where bookmakers compete against every single customer to remain profitable.

That being said, it is not impossible to beat bookies at their own game but it takes a lot of time and effort. Not to mention, you have to be passionate about sports betting to actually enjoy the process while making some money. If you are just getting started with soccer betting, then you must keep your dream under check and keep a tab on the following mistakes. If you successfully avoid these mistakes, then your success will be much quicker.

Trusting the ‘so-called’ Experts

Many punters consider these self-proclaimed betting experts as the single-point source for valuable betting information. Needless to say, they are not more than just an advertising gimmick. While it is advisable to cross-check your own perspective against other people’s take on a given matchup, it will be foolish to bail on your own research and make a decision solely based on others’ opinions.

There are some people who have some credibility, but it doesn’t hurt to do a fact check on your own. You can never be profitable by basing your wagers on some stranger’s opinions but only when you make an informed judgement after a thorough fact check.

Furthermore, you will hardly find two soccer betting experts viewing a betting option from the same perspective. This is why you should check out several different points of view so that you can see the whole picture and hopefully find the optimal solution with the greatest value.

Chasing the big win

Probably the most common soccer betting mistake, most beginners commit is to think they can win a huge pot via small stake accumulators over a longer period. It is true that accumulators can pile up to return an enormous profit but their odds of being fruitful are next to nothing. Almost every soccer betting site is aware of this fact and is more than happy to take all your money.

This is why never tried to chase unrealistic expectations and big money. This will eventually end up with major issues and ruin your betting experience. There is a reason why most expert bettors stay away from accumulators. When you are just starting, there is no need to rush in to win big. Instead, focus on taking things slow and investing in high-value singles. You should play the soccer betting game one step at a time because that’s the only way to be profitable.

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Discounting on research

Any bettor who has become profitable in the long-run has put in hours and hours of work and effort without relying on any shortcuts. It is not uncommon to see people forcing their way through bets without digging deeper and understanding the statistical aspects.

An important part of becoming a profitable soccer bettor is to do extensive research before placing each wager. You must also learn the art of recognising valuable stats. Don’t be lazy or shy away from crunching numbers and stats. All those useless tips that you receive from the so-called tipster sites on the Internet are not going to make you profitable.

Emotion-driven betting

Emotions make us better humans, but in matters where logic is involved emotion-driven decisions can be catastrophic. If your betting decision is based on anger, subjective opinion, or personal involvement rather than logic, informed judgement and valuable statistics, you are going downhill pretty quickly.

For example:

During a match night, out of your $100 bankroll, you lost $ 90 and now you are left with $ 10. Obviously, you are angry, and now your brain is on autopilot and you do not care how you invest the remaining $ 10. So, you decide to put it in a foolish accumulator whose wagers you are not even aware of. This is one of the classic emotion-driven disastrous strategies that you must avoid at all cost in soccer betting.

If for any reason you are angry or losing a wager gets on your nerves, instead of willy-nilly investing in any wager go to bed and call it a night. There is always a brand-new day with plenty of betting options to explore. Follow the same strategy when you are betting on the match involving your favourite team. If you feel your heart is getting dominant over your brain, drop soccer betting that night altogether. Unless you are confident on your logical and disciplined approach, never place a single bet.

Betting too much

Nobody can save you if you are not self-disciplined enough to bet only the money you can afford to lose without getting broke. Betting too much is harmful for the obvious reasons. If you constantly bet too much and most of the time end up losing money, ultimately your personal finances will suffer.

Before you can even think about soccer betting, learn the art of prioritising your expenses. Rent, bills and month-to-month bills must come first followed by savings. And if you are then left with any money you can risk to wager, go ahead and knock yourself out

Chasing losses

Some soccer betting experts listed this one as the most dangerous sports betting mistakes. Chasing losses has never ended well no matter how seasoned the bettor is. Experts are aware of this fatal flaw which is why the master their temper and emotion and never let them hinder their bets. If you want to be profitable with soccer betting you need to understand that no good is going to come by chasing losses.

If you find yourself making more deposits soon after you are in a bad mood because you lost a bet, you are on the wrong track and need to correct yourself immediately.

Fortunately, it is very easy to overcome this personality flaw with little willpower and a clear set of goals.

Begin by planning the stake you are going to invest in a wager. You must be entirely comfortable losing your stake. If you can afford to lose, you won’t be overwhelmed if you lose. If you end up with a loss, just shake the hand and move on, there is no point at hanging on the outcome. Just learn by observing what went wrong and try to improve your odds next time. Plan carefully and pick the wagers that have enough value. Lastly, never lose track of your bankroll.

Master the skills of soccer betting

Most common soccer betting mistakes that we have explained above can easily be solved by improving your skills and making a proper soccer betting strategy.

Rather than relying on your gut feeling and emotions, make a system where you only have to input logical numbers and that has no scope for emotions. Don’t forget to keep tabs on your bankroll and always researched thoroughly before making a wager.

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