How to easily win more often at Blackjack: Basic Strategy Approach


As one of the most beloved casino games in the world, blackjack enjoys a certain luxury. Extremely simple and easy to play and has a low house edge.

Winning big with a blackjack strategy is simple, most gamblers make it too complicated that brings down their winning rate. If you are new to this casino game, BetJoe has a blackjack basic strategy to share with you that will help you avoid the vicious circle of continuously blowing hand after hand during most sessions at the table.

We will also be sharing some of the favourite tricks of highly successful blackjack players, who win more often than others.

Start with using basic strategy 

It is not uncommon to find someone giving other players advice at the blackjack table, but that is something we recommend you to avoid. Usually, these coaching decisions on perfect blackjack strategy are severely off base.

We are sure that these lessons are given out of best of intentions but still, they can be potentially harmful and you should not take advice from anyone at the table. Even at times, you will find the dealer chiming in words and while their advice is typically more on point than others, you should take it with a grain of salt and ignore it altogether as it is not part of the basic blackjack strategy.

Not making a blackjack strategy based on the advice given by the gamblers at the table is because if you observe them closely you will find that they play a hand one way and a few minutes later they will be playing the same hand differently, this arises the question what has changed?

Certainly, the six of clubs does not carry more weight than six of hearts now, then why did they change their strategy?

An extremely valuable piece of information that we would like to share is that “every hand has one correct way to play at any given situation, and this will never change under any circumstances”.

No matter how many numbers of times you play, it will be the same hand.

Some brilliant men and women did the hard work of going through mind numbing mathematical and computational models to analyse the result of each hand combined with the dealers up card, all of this to get you the best play. Although this does not guarantee you a sure win, it still improves your chance of winning to an all-time high.

These advanced computations are simply known as “blackjack basic strategy”, and if you are not using them already, start now. Take to these strategies as long as you are at a blackjack table.

Let’s get started with the best-known basic strategy blackjack.

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Basic Strategy Charts

basic-strategy-chartOf most games on the casino floor, blackjack has one of the lowest house edges at about below 1% when played properly.

Blackjack strategy charts are user-friendly for even beginners.

Even better, you won’t be shown the door by the burly men for using a basic strategy chart at a table, all you have to do is just keep the game moving and you can use the charts as long as you want.

To use the chart simply find your hand on the chart and match it to the dealer’s corresponding up card. This will help you find the best way to play your hand and once again, this will never change as it’s a concrete strategy.

Another key aspect of the basic strategy blackjack that often gets overlooked is never to take insurance. Do not get pursued by the peer pressure or your cards to take insurance. It’s a sucker’s bet. Other players or the dealer will refer to insurance money as even money, but in reality, it’s your more money in the casino’s pocket.

Finding the best rules and table conditions

We expect that by now you have learnt the importance of basic strategy in blackjack. With a chart by your side and a firm resolve not to take insurance, now you are ready to join a table.

We would like to point out, by now you are already ahead of most of the real money online casino gamblers as you have followed important rules of blackjack strategy. Now it’s time to further increase your odds of winning by finding the best table conditions available.

This step is harder than learning basic strategy as there is simply no way to know about the best tables on the casino floor.

While the perfect blackjack strategy will work with most physical and real money online casinos, there is no standard set of rules at tables as different tables will have a different set of rules.

Let’s take a look at the different rules you will encounter at different tables and which are the ones that give you the best chance of winning.

Choosing the best rules 

Finding the games with the best rules not only increases your chances of winning but also diminishes the advantages casino have to minimal.

Almost everything affects your winnings even the number of decks of cards the casino uses for a game. You have to remember that the fewer the number of decks in play, the better are your chances of winning.

This is not to say that number of decks is paramount, but all other things being equal choose a table that uses fewer decks in play.

Historically, blackjack tables pay 3:2 for a natural.

Unfortunately, now you will can find that casino blackjack games where they are paying 6:5 more often. At such tables, the casino has such a big advantage that it is better that you don’t play at all. Just as avoiding insurance, you should stick to this rule no matter what.

Another blackjack strategy that you can use is to find tables that allow you to surrender and receive half of your bet back. While not mandatory, it will be nice if you can find such a table.

Some casinos allow players to double down after splitting, if you can find the right table, then you can make use of this feature to cut the house edge.

We assume that you already know the advantages of splitting aces. Once you split a pair, it is advised that you split again. You can find tables that allow you this move if you pay close attention.

One final rule that you might to look for, and this is mandatory, is the ability to double down regardless of your hand. If you are not able to find a table that allows you to double down at any time in the game, find a table that allows you to double down on 11, 10 and 9, as these are the key hands.

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Be the deal and the house

blackjack-dealerThis blackjack strategy to win more often is off the beat. But we can guarantee you that there is no other sure-fire approach to increase your take than this.

Become the house and be the dealer.

This is not the simplified approach as it might be illegal to offer casino games in your area without a license. But there is a known fact that the house always wins, so becoming the house will lead to some serious gains.

Launching into the gaming business is a serious affair which is why it will be better if you talk to an attorney to fully understand the pros and cons and take all necessary precautions to avoid any trouble later on.

We have never found a casino game where the casinos lose money. In fact, if there is any game that does not turn a profit, it will never make to the casino floor. Some players have figured out how to count cards and turn profitable on a small scale, but most players still lose money on blackjack.

Once you get all the legal matters taken care of for your own game, you will need a big bankroll. If you can avoid cheats and thieves and fight through the negative swings, there is no other way to win more often at blackjack.

Fine-tune your blackjack strategy as the dealer 

Having a huge bankroll is not a guarantee for money raining in, there are some additional steps you need to take to attract players and keep your edge as well.

Apart from setting up a place to host the blackjack tables, you will also need to cycle out the used cards regularly. The better the quality of the decks, the more they will last but still you need to replace them often. Also, you have to keep a keen eye on players trying to mark cards and if someone is caught doing so, they should be made to leave the game immediately.

It is extremely important to refresh the decks as some savvy players may even spot small blemishes on cards when they start to wear.

After you have covered all the bases, there is one last important step left to take.

You must learn how to deal and deal correctly. If you do not know how to deal properly, you open yourself to the hole carding. Simply put, you end up showing your hole card to the experienced players essentially wiping out your advantage.


Blackjack remains one of the most popular casino games as it is easy to play and more and more players are now playing it online.

If you want to win, you need to perfect the blackjack strategy that we have detailed above. Start by learning basic strategy that increases your chance of winning when played properly on every hand.

Your internet provides you with unlimited resources on basic strategy. By using the basic strategy blackjack perfectly, you can reduce the house advantage to almost 0. This is true provided you find a favourable set of rules and the best table conditions.

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