Bitcoin eSports Betting

eSports Betting

The world of electronic sports is quickly taking over the world with millions of dollars and bitcoins in prizes for tournament winners worldwide and even more viewers than ever before! If you’re an avid Esports fan, BetJOE is the place to be! Head over to our eSports betting section and turn your CS:GO, League of Legends, or Dota 2 knowledge into real cash or bitcoin right now! BetJOE features a wide variety of markets, in-play odds, and a lightning-fast withdrawal system that will have you loaded with new skins and games by the end of the day!

If you’re just starting, both as an Esports fan or as a bettor, we’ve got you covered. BetJOE is all about winning big but in order to do so our players spend hours researching. Stats don’t lie in Esports betting. Everything is measurable! If you’re an MLB betting expert, this might be your next big break in the betting industry. Follow our BetJOE blog and make sure you get in on the conversation. We share free picks and analysis on the betting biggest sports and Esports.

One of the beauties of playing at BetJOE is that you can deposit in Bitcoin, making it faster and safer for you to cash in on the next big upset. If you need more information on how to bet with Bitcoin, head over to our helpdesk and we’ll guide you through the process. Essentially, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that, just like Esports, has taken over the world in the last few years and is quickly becoming one of the safest way to purchase and sell. Here at BetJOE, we like being revolutionary and being on the up-and-up of the industry. We strive to be cutting-edge every step of the way to bring our players the best experience in the market.

Another huge advantage of betting on Esports is that every major game is streamed for free online meaning that you don’t have to pay expensive league passes or cable packages to watch your favorite games unfold. You can watch for free from any device, find replays, and gain access to stats from a variety of websites online. Who knows, maybe this changes in the future, but for now it’s best we take advantage of streaming being free and win betting on Esports. If these players are making millions playing video games for a living why shouldn’t you do the same playing at BetJOE? It’s time we become one with the future and look into Esports. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors did it. Schalke and Boca Juniors too. Even Shaq and J-Lo are into it. This is where the money is at!