A Beginner’s Guide To Live Dealer Casino Games

live dealer casino

Live casino games have now rising to completely dominate the table and card games segment of online casino gaming. More and more players are looking for a live dealer casino rather than digital games. There has been a rapid expansion of live dealer casino games, which is why we decided to write guide on playing live casino games online.

Even if you are already familiar with live dealer casino games, we have created this guide to be helpful even for experienced players.

We are going to explain what our live dealer casino games? How these games work? What are the pros and cons of live dealer casino as compared to digital games?

BetJoe is about to answer all these questions and more in this detailed guide.

How Live Casino Games Work

Although every online casino have a different way with live dealer casino games, but there are some common themes that define the live games.

Here’s how every live casino game works:

As the name suggests, in live dealer games you play with a real dealer instead of playing against random number generators. This is why these games are popular for their social element.

The games are streamed directly from dedicated gaming studios across the world. Even some real-world casinos offer live dealer games online such as the Foxwoods Resorts USA and the Hippodrome in London

Now, live dealer casino games also offer some new exciting features such as bonus rounds, multipliers and more. We will take a closer look into these features later on.

Live dealer games are just like any other casino game. You follow the same para time as you enter the studio, take your seat at the table and place your bet at a digital game board. The online dealers take care of the rest. Every round can last for anywhere between 30 seconds to a minute.

You might also be presented with some extra features such as ability to take same bets with a single click, record your game or even chat with the dealers directly.

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Best Live Dealer Games

live dealer games have come a long way ever since they are invention. At the beginning, these casino games were made possible by single camera and basic games of blackjack, poker and roulette. While these games were popular at the time but today they are nothing more than rudimentary. Now live dealer games are becoming bigger and bigger at the same time better as the technology is improving and people are getting used to the idea of enjoying casino -like experience from the comfort of their homes.

While there are hundreds of live dealer casino games, there are a few that are more popular than the others. Here are the most popular live dealer games.

Lightning Dice by Evolution Gaming

Craps is one game that you won’t find with live casinos. Although Evolution Gaming is working on one, but for now you have to do with simple dice games.

In this game you wager on the outcome of three dice. The dealer drops them at the top of a transparent tower and you can get to get a closeup look at the dice as they emerge at the bottom.

But what makes Lightning Dice truly exciting are the multipliers. Before the game starts, several numbers will be randomly selected as the Lightning Numbers. These can have multipliers of up to 1,000x.

Quantum Roulette by Playtech

Best known for its video slots, Playtech also offer’s a world-class range of live dealer casino games. The Quantum range of games that they offer are the most impressive of all the products. Roulette is one of the leading games.

Set in a futuristic game studio, Quantum Roulette is a lot different than the standard game of live dealer roulette. Before the dealer spins the win, multiple numbers will be selected as Quantum Numbers which can have multipliers of up to 500x.

Yes, you will find a lot similarity with the Evolution’s Lighting Roulette game when you will play Quantum Roulette. But as the betting industry is highly competitive, you cannot expect others not to bite into the live gaming pie.

Infinite Blackjack by Evolution Gaming

live dealer blackjack is a game that has to be on the list of live casino games. There are many vendors who are offering live dealer blackjack but one of the most popular is the Infinite Blackjack offered by the Evolution Gaming. This live dealer casino games stands out because of the ability to host unlimited players at the same time.

If you are wondering how it is possible, then here is the explanation. Infinite Blackjack combines the live gaming with virtual cards meaning that all participating players use the same 2 initial cards but played the hands individually. Due to an excellent software engineering solution, the scalability issue is solved and now you will never have to wait for a seat at the live dealer blackjack tables again.

Not only that, Infinite Blackjack also offer some side bets that are worth mentioning. Any Pair, 21+3, Hot3, and Bust It bets are common with this game. With such side bets you get extra opportunities to win big even if you lose your main hand.

Mega Ball by Evolution Gaming

Released in 2020, Mega Ball by Evolution Gaming is one of its kind games that brings you the most excitement of live dealer lottery games. It is a lotto draw based fast paced live dealer game. You can buy multiple cards at once and have the opportunity to win up to 1,000,000x.

While there are other company trying to capture the market with similar live draw games however for now Evolution Gaming remains the winner with this game.

Live Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming

By now you must be aware that Evolution Gaming is the main innovator in live dealer casino game industry. Most other companies either copy or modify their games after they have hit the market. Still this brand remains the leader in live game shows.

Crazy Time is another live dealer game which is full of action. A money-wheel game it features multiple bonus that includes a coin flip with multipliers. Also, there is real money Pachinko, a cash hunt and the best-the crazy time bonus round.

This is the best live dealer game to play if you want not only to win big but also experience entertainment like never before.

The Live Dealer Casino Gaming Companies You Must Know

From the above listed in Best live casino games might give you an impression that Evolution Gaming is the only firm that matters in this industry. While it is not incorrect to say that it is the market leader but there are far any more company that offer live dealer gaming. Here we are going to introduce you to some of the top live casino games companies that you should be aware of.

Evolution Gaming

Most probably the best live dealer games provider, Evolution Gaming was launched in 2006. Ever since it has grown to become the king of live casino games winning several awards. It keeps innovating technology always bringing something new and forming new strategic partnerships with casinos. Very few live game companies can compete with this brand as it offers one of the biggest selections of live casino games online.

Authentic Gaming

This live casino game company is a niche brand that specialises in roulette. Authentic Gaming is the company that made live roulette possible by pioneering the idea of teaming up with the real casinos and live streaming roulette from the casino floor. Since its founding in 2015, Authentic Gaming has grown massively and now offers studio-based games as well.


Arguably this is the only company that stands a chance to compete with Evolution Gaming. While nowhere as close to its competition, Playtech do come closer. It has a robust range of live dealer games that includes its famous Quantum Game series with massive multipliers and studio special effects. Most renowned for its video slots, this company is also popular in live gaming.


Another top video slots company online is the NetEnt. It has a solid selection of live games including blackjack and roulette to offer. This company is no threat to Evolution Gaming, it does got the interest of EG which is why talks are underway to buy NetEnt. While Evolution Gaming will make it a subsidiary, it is possible that NetEnt will remain its own brand while further strengthening the position of its parent company in the market.

Visionary iGaming

In the US the live casino games are technically prohibited. Still, it does not stop offshore casinos to continue to serve the American market where the live dealer games are extremely popular. Visionary iGaming is one such company that is filling the void for American customers. It offers games like roulette, blackjack, super 6 and baccarat through safe online casino sites in the US. Although pretty basic as compared to live dealer casino games offered by other companies, Visionary iGaming still offers good gaming experience.

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The Pros and Cons of Live Dealer Casinos

Till now we have only discussed the upsides of live dealer casino games. Our intention is not to make this guide one-sided biased, which is why we will clearly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of live casino games. Let’s take a look at both.

Pros of live dealer casino

you have the opportunity to make more money with smaller wagers. While with the win, place and show it will be difficult for you to make a lot of money in fell swoop, but the odds offered for other bets such as daily double and pick 3 wagering are high and if you get the right combination you can make money equal to jackpot-style wagering.

There is more excitement and challenge. Some bettors easily get bored playing the same wager or game again and again. Live dealer casino offers much more variation in wagering opportunities to keep you engaged.

The value is better. With live dealer casino, often the house edge is lower which means you are offered better value and have the opportunity to make more money.

Cons of live dealer casino

Higher cost. As compared to digital casino games, live dealer games cost more to play. It is very difficult to find a game where you have to pay less than one dollar for a spin. The higher cost is because of more resources required to run a live casino game. It involves dealer’s salary, network cost and the studio cost as well.

Legal hassles. The regulated environment regarding online casino games in countries like the USA and Australia, players from other countries only can play the top live casino games legally. In the countries where live dealer casino is regulated, there are not so many good options.


Live dealer casino games are an excellent opportunity to make more money. There are many online casino sites that offer you bonuses and promotions.

Live casino games are offered in a secured and legal environment where there is no threat to your privacy. You can play with dealers directly from the casino floors or studio like a live game. If you’re particularly enthusiastic about live casino games, we have listed the best live casino games for you.