Going all out with really bold choices…

The NFL draft is done and its time to get the rookies up to speed, update the playbooks and pick the signal callers, but it also time to make predictions and previews, etc. I’ve gone out of the usual track though, by making these VERY REALLY BOLD predictions…


I think the Browns will go all the way in the playoffs, may fall short of the grail, but I expect them to be there at the final showdown. Why? Simply because they look to be the most improved team this off-season, making smart moves all around, have a perfect blend of new, old, and experienced… and then there is the Baker Mayfield part. Free agency was like Santa Claus coming into Cleveland, the Browns did themselves a favor and then some, snapping up Tyrod Taylor. Taylor is a career 62% completion rate quarterback, for over 9,000 yards, 51 touchdowns, and a 91.2 rating, that is well above average. He is a 3x ACC Champion, won the Super Bowl in 2012, played in the Pro Bowl in 2015, and was ACC Player of the Year in 2010. Taylor, now 28, has the right balance of experience, age, and physical form to play the best season of his career, and with additions such as Wide Receiver Jarvis Landry (who leads the league in receptions), Running Back Carlos Hyde, Corner Back T.J Carrie, and Defensive Back Damarious Randall, amongst others. This is quite the ensemble and adding nascent talent Baker Mayfield to the mix just made them more than six feet deep. Makes sense, right?


The 49ers will ruffle a lot of feathers this season and they’ll make the playoffs. So say I.
Did someone say Garoppolo? No, I did! Jimmy Garoppolo is the main reason why I feel strongly about this team from the Bay. Not only did they give him the richest contract in the whole of the NFL, the 49ers went out and looked for an above par supporting crew for him to wield. Garoppolo is going to have his first full season in San Francisco, and if last year’s showing (67% pass completion rate, 96 passer rating in 5 starts) was anything to go by, then we are in for a Garoppolo ride this season. Seven victories in all his seven starts also say something about his aura and presence on the pitch. Adding Jerick McKinnon and Richard Sherman to the mix, amongst a host of other names, just makes this team give off a different energy, a winning energy, a true contender’s glint. How is that for bold choices? I dare you to be bolder.