The MLB season has been full of surprises and delightful stories and not without its share of drama. We take a look at some of the matchups that have got us dreaming in the first week of May.

Yankees v. Indians Saturday 5th May

The Red Sox may be leading the AL in the East, but it is the Yankees that have got everyone talking after a huge 9-1 run in their last 10 games. Shortstop Didi Gregorius recently earned POTW recognition after scoring seven runs and hitting 4 homers, and after running over the Astros in their last game, 4-0, it will be interesting to see how they build on that momentum when they face the Indians on Saturday. The Indians have a .50  percentage in their last 10 games and will be looking to better that when they face the Rangers before the Yankees, as they look to push their lead in the AL Central.

Diamondbacks v. Astros Saturday 5th May

Keuchel and the Astros will have to go past the Yankees first to get to the Arizona Diamondbacks, but they will get there, and depending on how the series with the Yankees play out, it could be a telling stretch for the wounded Astros. The Diamondbacks, on the other hand, are on a two-game winning streak, with an 8-2 record. It is already a historic start of the season for the Diamondbacks, who do not look like slowing down anytime soon, with Patrick Corbin looking like a man on a mission and their defense has simply been one of the best this season.

Angels v. Orioles Thursday 3rd May

Of course, we had to drop in the Angels, we want to see Shohei Ohtani. After 26 strikeouts and 4 home runs in his first month, Ohtani has become a household name and a legend in his native Japan, and after their first win in 5, the Angels will want more of the same when they take on the Orioles again. The Orioles are dead last in the ALEast and one of 3 teams to be under the .300 mark at this stage of the season. A win against the Angels could be the right spark for a fresh turn around.

Marlins v. Phillies Thursday 3rd May

The Marlins started off roughly, but have slowly picked up the pace, and are on a four-game winning streak, while the Phillies are on a four-game losing streak, and will be out for blood after falling off in the series. It should be interesting to see what kind of retaliation they have in store.

Dodgers v. Padres Saturday 5th May

The MLB goes to Mexico for this one, and with both teams languishing in second to last and last, respectively, in the NL West, it will make for an interesting matchup and one that could turn the tides of the season for either one of these teams.